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Advance Merry Christmas 2018 SMS Shayari Text Messages In Hindi For Whatsapp FB

Merry Christmas 2018 Hindi SMS Advance Shayari Text Messages For Whatsapp FB.You are sure to know Santa, for a Christmas bell in his hands, hanging a big bag full of white bearded and hairy, gifts on the shoulder, in red and white clothing. On Christmas, you will meet them or they have seen them in TV newspapers.

Merry Christmas 2018 Advance SMS In Hindi | Happy Xmas Day SMS

Happy Chrtistmas Day 2018 SMS Jingle Bells Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way, Oh! What Fun Is It To Ride, In A One Horse Open Sla … .. These songs are sung in joy by the children, and this song brings joy to the children Santa Claus, the favorite of children. Santa Claus i.e. white long long bearded Baba who comes in red cloth and gifts are presented in children’s bags.

Children’s beloved Santa, also called Christmas Frames, gives chocolates, gifts to children on every Christmas, causing children to smile. Only then do every Christmas child eagerly wait for his Santa uncle.

The child of his santa claus eagerly waits in the days of Christmas. But sometimes you will have the question that who is the Santa Claus? Was the Santa Claus really or is it just a fictional character? What is their relationship with Christmas Day? So friends will know today that Santa Claus is finally who and who fulfills the wishes of these children?

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Merry Christmas Hindi Shayari For Whatsapp FB 2018

here we are provide you best collection Happy Christmas Day Hindi  Shayari sms for your loving now we are telling about christmas.

So let’s know who is santa claus:

Born in the third century, St. Nicholas is known as Santa Claus. It is believed that St. Nicholas was born in modern Turkey in about 280 AD. Nicholas was a Greek Christian bishop in Lisbon, a province of Byzantine Anatolia. Nicholas was from Rais family who always helped the needy. He was known for his righteousness and mercy which later became the subject of many stories.

Merry Christmas 2018 SMS

Merry Christmas 2018 SMS

Nicholas was imprisoned in 303 AD by Roman Emperor Dicklesian as a penalty, but after some time the Emperor was released from Constantine’s order. After this, he served as Bishop for thirty years in Myra. December 6, 343 BC Nicholas was killed, so every year this date is celebrated as Saint Nicholas Day.

Although the santa claus which now shows a red-colored and cheerful long long bearded image was not the first. This form of our popular Modern Santa Claus appeared in the United States and Canada in the 19th century.

Merry Christmas sms 2018

F0r my 0ne & 0nly Girlfriend- Angel eyes
Sweetest, L0veliest, Delici0us, G0rge0us
Cherry Babe Marry Christmas….Christmas wishes f0r gf


Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way.
Wish y0u, all the best & j0y always & always.


Let this Christmas be a marvell0us m0ments.
Let this Christmas be a w0ndr0us h0liday seas0n.
Let this Christmas be a j0y0us celebrati0n full 0f fun.
Let this Christmas share l0ve & cheer with every0ne.


Beautiful christmas qu0tes-
Fr0m h0me t0 h0me & heart t0 heart,
Fr0m 0ne place t0 an0ther,
The warmth & j0y 0f Christmas,
Brings us cl0ser t0 each 0ther.
Merry X-Mas


Ì wish Ú this Chrístmàs enriches ur lífe
Mày eàch day b hàppy & bríght,
Óverflòwíng with pleàsure & lòve
Mày ur Chrístmàs be filled with delíght.


Faith makes all things p0ssible,
H0pe makes all things w0rk,
L0ve makes all things beautiful,
May y0u have all the three f0r this Christmas.


I feel ecstatic t0 kn0w that y0u are
g0ing t0 begin such an amazing spiritual
j0urney. G0d bless y0u always

2018 Merry Christmas Messages Wishes For Friends GF, BF

In 1822 Clement Moore wrote a poem for his children, which is called “Night Before Christmas”. Santa’s cartoons printed in it attracted the people and attracted them. After some time in 1863, political cartoonist Thomas Nast published a photograph of Santa in “Harper’s Weekly” showing him in a beard and red dress. Today, a story in Santa Claus’s bar is quite popular that he lives in the North Pole. This story was also created by Nast. After this, Hayden Sandblom, an artist, played a role in the Coca-Cola addendum for about 35 years of Santa Claus. The same image of Santa is coming to this day.

Even today it is said that Santa lives in the North Pole with his wife and many dwarves. There is a toy factory where all toys are made. These dwarves of Santa work for the Christmas toys in this factory throughout the year. Today there are.Xms Day Messages

When I woke up this morning I was excited.
Christmas is here and I will see you today.
For so much long I prayed and waited.
I decided to text you because I want to say,
I love you and wish you a Merry Christmas!


May the jòy and peace òf Christmas be
with yòu all thròugh the Yèar.
Wishing yòu a season of blessings fròm heaven abòvè.
Warmest greetings for Christmàs


Christmas is the perfect season to reach
out to others when laughter and good
tidings are in the air. Here’s hoping
that your Christmas will find you
among family and friends, sharing
the spirit of the season.

Happy Christmas Day 2018 Short SMS Line For Whatsapp

many addresses of Santa in the world where children send their accounts, but most of them are sent to their Finland address. People receive answers to each letter sent to this address. You can also send your letter Santa to this address.

why Santa Claus coming to give gifts in the night?

It seems to many people that after all, Santa Claus arrives to fulfill the wishes of the children and fill their gifts in Jurab. A famous story behind this is that Nicholas shows service to the mercy and people of the people. According to the story, there was a poor man who had no money for the marriage of his three daughters, so he was trying to force them into the body trade. Then Nicholas kept gold coins bags secretly in the socks that were drying out of those three to secretly save those girls from prostitution, and in this way they showed their generosity.

Therefore, children are hanging on the roof of their house by Christmas on Christmas night so that Santa can keep their gifts in them.

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